Apr 12, 2014

{Coachella} Day one


Top: House of Harlow, Shorts: Finderskeepers, Sandals: Ugg

So happy with my first day at Coachella, spent Friday in complete relax mode by the pool. The first night we got here I heard Outcast sound check, that's how close the house is I'm staying at. I'm sorry did I just call it a house? I meant to say estate, seriously this place is of the hook. It was a former Bad Girls Club house so naturally poppin off is so necessary. So thankful to be here with StyleCaster and UGG, they are the sweetest peoples. I don't even think that's proper grammar, but does it really matter?
Basically what you see here is what I wore to the festival, I become a non blogger and stopped taking photos of myself. I believe  snapped one photo when I got there then threw my phone in my bag and danced to Chromeo, Nicolas Jaar and a bunch more..I also ended up raving at the EDM tent before I decided I was blind and also lost all my hearing. Legit like I'm still seeing flashing lights and  hearing the echo of my friends voice  screaming in my ear  repeating "oh shiiiiiit" like a gazzion times.

So excited for today, currently sitting next to the pool wrapped in a pink UGG robe. Not looking so cute but about to take a shower, StyleCaster x UGG is throwing a HUGE party and I look like i crawled out of an elephants ass...so brb never.

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Apr 7, 2014

{ The Caradona} Tutorial on goodbye frizz & Wake Up and Sorta Go.

I feel like it's been since forever that I haven't done a tutorial on how I do my hair. This may the first time actually, so cut me some slack if it's not perfect. If I had a dollar for each tumblr question on how I do my hair or each email I'd have A LOT of $'s. Legit...a lot. It never annoys me, I get annoyed at myself because I always want to make time to sit down and figure out how to actually do a proper tutorial. I know many of you will want a video after this but lets do one thing at a time here.


Good morning right? How many of you have woken up and looked like this or WORSE?! I mean I wish I could just wake up and look uhmazing but I'm not Aria from Pretty Little Liars. (That girl always looks so good) Anyways yeah this doesn't happen every morning but let's face it, some mornings us girls just look gross and not kissable, also our breath smells it's just not right... even if our boyfriends say we look good....we know they are LIARS!

Below I will begin my step by step photo process on how I do my hair the "natural way". As you might have noticed I have a lot of different styles I like to do..but this is my easy "Wake up and sorta go" style without all the frizz and craziness.


There are very few firsts in a girls life. First kiss, first heartbreak, first pet...First hair product. My mother bought me my first hair product in Paris it was 1998. We went to some hair place and she bough me Frizz Ease the original hair serum, I remember being like wow this is going to make me beautiful. The next day she taught me how to use it and how to smooth down the frizz near my face. I remember her saying "Please don't get this everywhere!" and the mom phrase "Wash your hands after" I think we all have products we remember or grew up with and John Frieda was one of them, which is why I chose to just use Frizz Ease for my tutorial, from start to finish.


After washing my hair  with Shampoo & Conditioner (pour some of the serum in the shampoo it makes it not so hard on your hair). I sprayed the Dream Curl daily styling spray on my damp hair. Make sure to spray all over.


After all the spraying take some hair serum and dispense a dime size amount onto your palms. Rub hands together and distribute evenly throughout hair.


Make sure to get it everywhere. Plus you know your own hair better than anyone else so make sure to put enough where it gets super dry!!

Also...i'm not wearing any makeup in the pictures shown above, like zip zero none. Thought it would be cool for effect!

Okay fast forward a little. I like to put a little bun on the top of my hair to give natural volume near the bangs area.  now let it dry..my hair doesn't take long to dry. (also just put some make up one so I could look semi cute and what-not)


Curls are not all the same, and that goes for on your head too! I have three different types of curl textures on my fat head and sometimes they don't all look good! So I go to the curling iron and I fix them. I take the weirdo strait curls and make them bounce. I smooth out anything that needs smoothing. You don't have to do you're whole head just where you think it needs some extra love.

(I got a stupid relaxer not long ago and it stripped my very curly hair...I regret it but hey what can you do. Thankfully these products bring out the curl in my hair and the serum makes it nice and soft...)


Ok, SHAKE IT OUT! That's right shake and move and dance and sing...well you don't have to sing but  shake it.

Stripped top: The Firth Label, Grey Top: Pima Doll, necklace: Jennifer Zeuner
Okay all done...like for realz this is my "Wake up and sorta go" look.
One of my many Caradona looks....soon to be all on Trop Rouge one day or another but I wanted to start with the OG first.

Would love to know any of your hair tricks. We can use this page as a sort of sharing community!!
Also check out the John Frieda Frizz Ease video here on leaving your hair down and never pulling back.

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Apr 4, 2014

The Printed Pant

Coat: Cinnamon, top: Beyond Vintage (or here), jeans: Corey by Corey,  bag: Phillip Lim, hat: Gladys Tamez, shoes : (unfortunately not sure of the brand see last paragraph for details)

I feel like this is the first pair of printed pants I've worn in a very long time, probably my last unless it's the same cut. Like I've said in the past, I'm into the whole "I've outgrown my pants mom please buy me new ones" Except I don't need my mother to buy my things anymore.
So completely off topic but I saw Miley perform last night #bangerz #bestniteever. Yeah so that happened and I love her even more..watching the performance I was like..oh I get it, I get it now!!
Anyone going to see her this Saturday? Not going to give anything away but she puts on a show!!

*Apologies for not knowing the brand of my shoes. I can't seem to locate them in my room and I'm not sure on the brand (I keep mixing up words but don't want to give you wrong info...although I do know I got them at Open Ceremony !!)

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Apr 3, 2014

{ H&M Conscious Exclusive } Paris morning light


Top: H&M Conscious Exclusive, Shorts: H&M Conscious Exclusive

Shot these photos last week in Paris. I love my parents apartment, because it gets such amazing light especially in the morning. Decided to spend that morning lounging around in some new pieces of the H&M Conscious Exclusive collection which is hitting stores April 10th. Happy to have gotten my hands on a few pieces before it hit stores, really love the detailing on the shorts the whole collection is simply stunning with a elegant bohemian style.

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Destination: Coachella

The time has come people where I gear up and pack all my feathers, basically anything fringe and flower crowns and weirdo glow in the dark body paint....(wait different festival, my bad) and head over to California! Coachella is literally a week away so naturally what I'm going to wear has been lingering over my head. Figured I should start by making a packing guide so I don't over pack, I tend to either pack too many bottoms and not enough tops..or I forget important things like all my underwear or toothbrush.
I'll be staying at the StyleCaster house with UGG couldn't be more excited, also word is the house has a pool...so yeah I'm totally getting in on that, like legit. You can follow the festivities on the UGG instagram here 
Pretty excited about the bands, can't wait to see Blood Orange and Beck. I use to have this crazy crush on Beck..see how I said "I use to" when I still do? He has a wife  so I'll try to keep my distance...
 This will be my 2nd year at the festival. Any bands you think I should keep an eye out for? You can follow my adventures on my Instagram & check my Tumblr for loads of other coverage and outfit outtakes.

Above is a small yet pretty accurate overview of that I'll be packing

Disposable camera | For all those moments you'll find suitable for film only
Worn in Boyfriend jeans | The all day jeans that still give you that rock n roll i don't give a crap feel
Brigid Ugg sandal | Cause no one wants to dance in heels and these look cute with every bikini
Basic V neck from Cotton Supply Co | I'm packing three of these cause I'm a fan of basic's and spilling stuff on myself.
Some cheeky cut offs..duh from One Teaspoon | Nothing screams festival like a pair of cheeky shorts in a washed out denim.
Delizah Ugg Flats flats | for the last day of the festival when you're feel are hurting but you still want to look cute
*The all day cowboy boot- UGG | pairing these with some cut- offs and a off the shoulder white T
*Hipanema bracelet | A little color and a lot of swag
*Antik Batik bag | my carry all bag for everything I think I'll need at Coachella. 

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Apr 1, 2014

The winter complaint

Jeans: A Gold E, Jacket: Asos, sandals: Birkenstocks, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, watch: Follie Follie, rings: Melinda Maria / Karen London,

I know…before you even start I'm going to stop you right there! Yes sandals and socks is a gross icky combo…but come on it's seriously so comfortable and I bought these Birk's (I'd like to think I can call them Birks cause we are tight like that) ..like I was saying I bought these Birk's off Asos and with the thought in mine of wearing them…with socks. Because sometimes my toes aren't always up to par and but I want to wear sandals. Also in my werido mind I think it's cute. (my mother stands very opposed to this sort of trend…as do all i'm sure)

Been wearing in these new A Gold E jeans of mine. I love how they fall at my ankles and since I love the sorta crop/too short look  and most of my jeans are trending in this. These jeans also happen to be ungodly comfortable, I may or may not have fallen asleep in them on the couch in front of a rerun of the Walking Dead or something.